Episode 7: Acronyms, Terms, and Definitions Surrounding Betrayal, Sexual Addiction, and Couples Recovery

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Pam Blizzard from RecoveredPeace.com
Lyschel Burket from HopeRedefined.org
Bonny Burns from StrongWives.com

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Today, we talk through the ac surrounding the topics of betrayal, addiciton, and couples recovery.

We will specifically focus on the middle stages of discovery and healing. You may have heard our previous episode where we discussed the early stages of recovery.

1-3 years post disclosure/discovery.

In a future episode, you will hear us share ac that are common in the later stages of healing.

We Will be Discussing:

  • Why it is important to know these acronyms, terms, and definitions.
  • Terms surrounding the betrayed partner and support types.
  • Terms surrounding the person with the addiction.
  • Terms surrounding the coupleship

Resources mentioned in this show:

  • APSATS – Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists

    EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

    CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Hold Me Tight Online

    DBT – Dialectic Behavior Therapy

    FANOS РFeeling, Affirmation, Need, Ownership, Struggle/Success 

    “The Coaster” – Dr. Jake Porter

    VCR – Validate, Connect, Reassure

    VAR – Validate, Affirm, Reassure

    VASE – Validate, Assure, Safety, Empathy


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Thank you for sitting in with us today. Our deepest desire is that you will find encouragement, insight, and maybe even a laugh or two in the many episodes to come. We will talk with you again in two weeks.

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  1. Jeff c on April 8, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    Can’t seem to get the podcast episode 5 and 7 to have the play arrow button to come on my android phone from your website to listen to these podcasts. The others have the arrow to the right if the screen. Any advise.
    I betrayed my wife and crushed her and want to listen to these as she has already and she agrees that this is one tool for me to understand what she is feeling.

    Thank you



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