Episode 16: Full Therapeutic Disclosures (Part 2)

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Pam Blizzard from RecoveredPeace.com
Lyschel Burket from HopeRedefined.org
Bonny Burns from StrongWives.com

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Welcome to another episode of Hope For Wives.

Today we are extending our discussion around Full Therapeutic Disclosure. We will explore some myths around Full Therapeutic Disclosures and what preparation work and post after-care typically looks like.

We Will be Discussing:

Today we explore

  • Myths around Full Therapeutic Disclosure
  • What preparation work looks like for the betrayed partner and the truth teller.
  • What after-care looks like for the betrayed partner and the truth teller.

Resources mentioned in this show:

Scripture references:

Malachi 4:2

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Thank you for sitting in with us today. Our deepest desire is that you will find encouragement, insight, and maybe even a laugh or two in the many episodes to come. We will talk with you again in two weeks.

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