Episode 44: Sobriety Is Not Enough (part 1)

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Pam Blizzard from RecoveredPeace.com
Lyschel Burket from HopeRedefined.org
Bonny Burns from StrongWives.com

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Today, we unpack recovery just a little more. In episode 35 we had an insightful discussion with Dr. Jake Porter about the three legged stool of recovery – her recovery, his self-discovery, and the coupleships relational repair and growth.
We are calling this episode sobriety isn’t enough because we are exploring a wife’s experience with a husband who may be sober but is not in a space of self-discovery.

We Will be Discussing:

  1. What’s a quick understanding of sobriety versus recovery?
  2. What perspectives have you had or heard from your clients about a husband who is not in a place of recovery? (i.e. no skills to cope and no capacity, window of tolerance)
  3. What hope can we leave a wife who is in this situation?

Resources mentioned in this show:

Scripture references:

James 1:16

Romans 15:13

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  1. Jen on November 14, 2023 at 8:26 pm

    Episode 44 “sobriety is not enough” was an answered prayer. You ladies are definitely doing the Lord’s work. I had been growing frustrated with my husband for the exact reasons you outlined. Your encouragement and wisdom is spot on. Thank you!

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