Episode 4: What is Relational Safety?

Welcome to Hope for Wives.

With your co-hostesses:

In Today’s episode, we are going to discuss emotional or relational safety. What it is. How to navigate it. How to rebuild.

We Discuss

  • What is relational or emotional safety to you?
  • How is emotional or relational safety ruptured when one spouse has a sex addiction?
  • How does a betrayed partner start to rebuild emotional safety?
  • How can we offer hope to our listeners when it comes to emotional or relational safety?

Nuggets of Wisdom:

“…not to feel better, but to get better at feeling,” Pam Blizzard.

“Both of you are responsible for rebuilding this emotional safety with each other,” Lyschel Burket.


VOWS Рacronym of thoughts to help build new emotional and relational safety.

  • V – Vulnerability
  • O – Ownership
  • W – do your Work
  • S – create Safety for yourself and your spouse

Emotional Safety definition found in wikipedia

Transcript: Episode 4 Emotional_Relational_Safety

King & Country – God Only Knows

Final Thoughts

Thank you for sitting in with us today. Our deepest desire is that you will find encouragement, insight, and maybe even a laugh or two in the many episodes to come. We will talk with you again in two weeks.

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  1. Sue on February 23, 2022 at 3:36 pm

    Wow I am the hair on fire lady also and SAME thought my H was my safe spot!!! Thankyou for clarifying this is how I feel

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