Episode 33: Why Are Cognitive Distortions Important to Understand When Healing from Betrayal Trauma?

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Pam Blizzard from RecoveredPeace.com
Lyschel Burket from HopeRedefined.org
Bonny Burns from StrongWives.com

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Welcome to another episode of Hope For Wives. Today we are discussing Cognitive Distortions, what they are, how we encounter them and how to navigate or overcome them as we grow and heal.

There are over 13 common cognitive distortions that we navigate over and over in daily thoughts. CDs are important to understand because they can negatively affect our emotions and choices. They can keep us stuck and interfere with our ability to set boundaries, gain self awareness, and live in community.

We are bringing this to our listeners today because we agree with M. Scott Peck when he said¬† “Mental health is dedication to reality at all costs”. As a reminder we are not mental health professionals. We are professionals and leaders navigating the waters of betrayal trauma with you. Our knowledge comes from the countless hours of training and personal experience each of us have accumulated over the years.

We Will be Discussing:

  1. What are they? ANTs, Unwanted Neg Thoughts
  2. Why would it be important for me to learn about CB as a person who is healing from betrayal trauma?
  3. What have been some of your personal experiences with cognitive distortions?
  4. What HOPE can we leave our listeners?

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Scripture references:

Philippians 4:8

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