Episode 22: The Secret of Values-Based Boundaries and How to Figure Out Your Values

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Pam Blizzard from RecoveredPeace.com
Lyschel Burket from HopeRedefined.org
Bonny Burns from StrongWives.com

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Today, we are discussing values. Values are a person’s beliefs that motivate the way they behave and live out their life. They are also a guide for a person’s behavior.

We Will be Discussing:

  • What are your definition of values?
  • What are our personal two top values and why?
  • How can a betrayed wife start to figure out what her values are?
  • How are knowing your top values important for establishing boundaries?

Resources mentioned in this show:

Scripture references:

Matthew 6:24

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Thank you for sitting in with us today. Our deepest desire is that you will find encouragement, insight, and maybe even a laugh or two in the many episodes to come. We will talk with you again in two weeks.

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